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  • Amazon AWS vs Linode vs Digitalocean – Cloudserver showdown update may 2014

    I benchmarked aws, linode and digitalocean about a year ago. Since a few weeks Linode changed their offering to SSD, faster CPUs, double Ram but you get strict core isolation now. You now get 2 cores for $20 instead of 8. So I upgraded (?) my linode servers and did the test again: test Req/sec Time/req […]

  • De top van apple. Een terugblik

    Het is nu meer dan een jaar geleden dat apple de iphone 5 introduceerde. Destijds bij de introductie stond de beurskeurs op een all-time high en groeiden de bergen voor apple tot in de hemel. Mijn voorspelling toen was dat het alleen maar bergafwaards kon gaan voor apple. Bekijk hier even het filmpje van destijds, […]

  • Amazon AWS EC2 vs Linode vs Digitalocean: Cloudserver showdown

    I have experience with amazon’s AWS cloudservices for years now, but still have problems with EBS (=amazon network storage) performance.  It is not very fast and if you just want to run a simple LAMP server it requires a lot of work and experience to set it up the right way. But how fast is […]

  • Laravel 4 – composer and packagist

    Just released: the new Laravel version 4. The most important change is that laravel now embraces composer, the php package installer. This is good news if you want to use one of the many packagist packages available through composer, but this makes life a bit more complicatied as well. The old bundle system was a […]

  • getting ruby, rails, passenger on my centos box

    Do not yum for ruby, cause you’ll get 1.8.5. Follow these steps to get everything installed:

  • Generating microsoft office documents (word, excel) on your webserver using php

    Actually, this is much easier than you might think. The trick is to use the capability of excel and word to read html files So just generate normal html, but use a content-type header line to force the browser to see this as a word or excel file: (using php) header (“Content-type: application/msword”); or header […]